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On 9 April the Family Home of John Paull Museum was celebrating the third anniversary of the opening of the new permanent exhibition. On this occasion and in the context of the 12th anniversary of Polish Pope’s death, the Museum has prepared an exhibition of sculptures by Krakow artist – Karol Badyna.

Pietas (which since the 13th century are known iconographic motif) made from bronze, were put by the Pope’s home. Additionally, a bronze figure of the Pope – Pilgrim was put in the courtyard of the John Paul II’s Family Home.

The exhibition was opened on 5 April by the museum’s director Rev. Dr. Jacek Pietruszka, who in his welcoming speech reminded love and concern that John Paul II had for his hometown and his home where he had spent the first 18 years of his life. The Director emphasized that the character of Pope – the Pilgrim is a call to follow his footsteps and to rediscover the heritage that John Paul II left to the modern world in his teaching.

Karol Badyna talked about his work, pointing out that the characters depicted in Pietas are united by a clearly visible relationship of compassion, as well as the delicacy of facial expressions and hands that become important narrators telling about empathy. The form of the sculptures is expressive, nascent almost spontaneously and hastily, as if the author wanted to capture a piece of the pain with a single strike of clay or a tool.

A performance of young people from the First and Secondary School of Music in Wadowice, added splendour to the event.

The presentation of sculptures by Karol Badyna in Wadowice will take place until 8 November.

PhD. Karol Badyna is an associate professor at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. In his work he mainly deals with portraiture. He has numerous monumental projects in Poland and abroad. He also deals with sacred art. The artist’s work includes more than thirty comprehensive projects of churches and chapels, many of which have been completed. He has designed church buildings in the area of ​​several dioceses in Poland. Since 2009 he has been working on the design and implementation of Bible Gardens in the team with prof. Zofia Włodarczyk. The gardens in Proszowice and Muszyna were created with his participation.


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