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Zakopower played a birthday concert for John Paul II in Wadowice


The concert ” From the family I am a man of mountain. John Paul II „, celebrating the 97th anniversary of the birth of Karol Wojtyla, took place on Wadowice Square, last Sunday, 21 May 2017, at 5 p.m. It was organized by the Holy Father John Paul II Family Home Museum.

The band that played this year for John Paul II: Zakopane. The audience was entertained by famous and well-known songs from the band’s repertoire, including „Boso” (Barefoot), „Galop” (Run), „Na siedem” (At seven), „Powrot” (Return), „Kropla” (Drop), „Bog wie gdzie (God knows where) or “Tata” (Dad).

The event was run by Olimpia Gorska and Pawel Chowaniec.

This year’s birthday concert was a tribute to John Paul II – a man full of passion and joy of life, who never abandoned his interests, but used them to spread the good and transmit universal values. The Pope from Wadowice loved mountains and mountaineers since he was a child, so his words: “From the family I am a man of mountain” became the slogan of this year’s birthday concert.

The birthday concert is a part of a series of events organized by the Museum, in preparation for the solemn celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Paul II in 2020.

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