Family Home of John Paul II

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Resurrexit, alleluia! – He is risen, alleluia!


Wherever the Risen Christ enters, he brings with him true peace!
May that peace enter, first of all, every human heart;
May it permeate relations between all sectors of society,
between different peoples, tongues and mentalities,
bringing everywhere the leaven of solidarity and love. 
John Paul II

May the Easter proclamation
fill our hearts with happiness, trust and peace.
May the empty tomb of Christ open us for the Easter gift of light
that scatters the darkness of fear and sadness
and makes us believe that times of toil and pain
will pass eventually and lead us to happiness.
I wish you this Easter makes us marvel at the beauty and power of life.

Have a Blessed and Joyful Easter!

Director – Rev. Dr Jacek Pietruszka
and employees of the
Museum Family Home of John Paul II in Wadowice