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Dariusz Jakubowski in the Family Home of John Paul II


Dariusz Jakubowski, an excellent actor from Warsaw visited the exhibition in the John Paul II’s Family Home. He is, among other things, the originator and the performer of a verbal and musical concert „Think with your heart”, which on April 11 (Saturday) will add splendor to the first anniversary of the new permanent exhibition opening in our museum (April 9).

In April, the Museum Family Home of John Paul II celebrates the fifth anniversary of its existence as a cultural institution (the signing of the establishing agreement took place on April 12).

The program „Think with your heart”, implemented according to the Dariusz Jakubowski’s concept, represents a kind of response to the Pope John Paul II’s call to the artists and to those who with passion and dedication are looking for new „epiphanies” of beauty, in order to offer them to the world in the form of art. The program consciously refers to the idea of a rhapsodic mystery of the word. This Idea was very close to John Paul II: no curtains and no scenes, decorations, costumes and masks.

This seemingly archaic form today is like a vase which, if filled with a relevant content, becomes the actual message in 2015.

It is a kind of dialogue between the prophet and the artist. The dialogue, in which the inspirations of John Paul II concerning love, beauty, suffering, freedom or death, result in the artistic response by means of words and music, and complement each other in the spectators-listeners minds and hearts, because only through their commitment and their focus, you can discover the idea of the project.

It is an interweaving of Z. Krasiński or St. Wyspiański’s monologue of with the W. Lutoslawski’s music of the twentieth century, A. Mickiewicz and J.Słowacki

‚s writings  with the K.Szymanowski’s song and with the Prokofiev’s Sonata, Z. Herbert’s contemporary poetry with Haydn’s classics and finally J.Donne’s mystical psalms with JS Bach’s polyphonic harmony. These are just examples which confirm that beauty and truth are always current, contemporary and alive.

Artists: Katarzyna Tomasz – soprano, Piotr Szafraniec – piano. Dariusz Jakubowski – – actor / concept / director.

On Saturday, April 11, at 18:30, in the Theatre Hall of the Cultural Center in Wadowice, there will be held a premiere of the concert.

Then, starting from September this year, the concert will be repeated according to the interest of visitors.