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Thank you for having been with us! Celebration of the hundredth anniversary in Wadowice

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It was an unforgettable day, full of many positive emotions and joy! Many spontaneous reactions, hundreds or even thousands of people involved, all this to celebrate the birthday of the great citizen of Wadowice, the citizen of the world – Karol Wojtyła.

We bow our heads and thank all of you, without whom this 100th anniversary would not have been such a unique experience. For all the warm messages we have received from you, gestures of sympathy and love for John Paul II and for the place where he was born. Thank you so much for all the times you sang „Barka” with us, thanks for the songs sung, the portraits and the drawings made by the children!

It was a long and beautiful day, although a few months ago we thought it would have turned out differently. The messages from all over the world have reached us recently. They were written by people who wanted to express their gratitude to the Holy Father. Among others, Pope Francis and Senior Pope Benedict XVI wrote their messages.

On the website of the event „All Poland sings Barca” you can always share with us your recordings of this favorite papal song. The recordings we receive still move us.
Shortly after 05:00 p.m. we also sang „Barca” in our group and then we opened the window of Wojtyła’s apartment, where we placed a cradle on the occasion of the anniversary. And just like that day a hundred years ago, in Karol’s family home, everybody could hear the songs sung in May by many people gathered under the first of the papal windows.

We dedicated many hours of work to reopen the Museum to visitors on May 18th. Among the special guests who honored this place with their presence on that day were, first of all, President Andrzej Duda with the First Lady and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

We would like to thank the television crews who produced the programs which enabled you to visit Karol Wojtyła’s family home for a while.
We had been preparing for this day for four years and it is impossible not to mention the people who guided us during this work, we mean our directors: the late rev, Jacek Pietruszka and rev. Łukasz Piórkowski and Mrs Beata Wilk-Woderska who performed the duties of the director at this difficult time for the institution.
We thank all of you who have been with us with heart and spirit and we assure you that our mission does not end with this 100th anniversary.