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I am a shepherd … a son of Piast. John Paul II – the pastor of the world

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The results of the literary contest prepared for young people: „I am a shepherd … a son of Piast. John Paul II – the pastor of the world” were announced during the official ceremony which took place on Friday, June 14 at 16:00 in the theater room of the catholic house.

Among 103 works presented, the jury awarded 10 winners who received the prizes funded by Jan Burkat, the owner of the „Jan” company and the Museum Family Home of the Holy Father John Paul II in Wadowice. The awarding ceremony was honored by a theatrical and musical show entitled „The Path to Holiness”, prepared by the pupils of the Scholastic Complex and Continuing Education Center St. John Paul II in Radocza under the direction of Andrzej Karcz and Krzysztof Szczur.

The awards were presented to the winners by: Halina Cimer – deputy educational officer of the Małopolska region, the reverend Dr. Jacek Pietruszka – director of the museum and Joanna Zygmunt – deputy director of programming.


The list of winners:

1st place:

Wiktoria Schabowska of primary school in Ciężkowice.

2nd place:

Emilia Karaś of primary school n. 5 in Andrychów.

3rd place:

Dominik Żebrak of primary school in Tczyca.

Additional prizes have been assigned to:

Aleksandra Grabowska (Complex of integrated secondary schools n.7 in Krakow),

Natalia Lach (Primary school No. 2 in Stryszawa),

Weronika Liszkiewicz (Primary school in Jastrzębia),

Anna Pachota (Complex of nursery and primary schools in Brzeźnica),

Karolina Pitek (Complex of nursery and primary schools in Baczyn),

Karol Starzyk (Primary school No. 164 in Krakow)

Gabriela Woźniczka (Complex of nursery and primary schools in Brzeźnica).


We would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the participants of the contest for their interest. We invite you to participate in the upcoming contests organized by the Museum.