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The concert „I’m looking for you” delighted the audience in Wadowice!

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On Saturday afternoon, the audience gathered at the Basilica in Wadowice attended an exceptional concert titled „I’m looking for you” performed by Magda Steczkowska and Marcin Jajkiewicz.

The main source of inspiration for writing excellent texts was for Michał Zabłocki the testament of John Paul II that the Pope had written and completed during the Lenten retreat for most of his life. The music was composed by Bartosz Tomaszek. The audience was delighted by the performance of the song that constituted the title of the concert, as well as other songs, including „Nieziemska miłość”, „Módlcie się”, „Nie chcę nic dla siebie”, „Tylko normalnie o mnie mówcie” or „Mój Prymasie”- the last one in the interpretation of Pola Tomaszek. The soloists were accompanied by exceptional musicians: Adam Niedzielin (piano), Janusz Witko (saxophone and flute), Marek Olma (percussion instruments) and Tomasz Kupiec (bass).

As a surprise for the audience, Michał Zabłocki played the role of narrator reading fragments of the Holy Father’s will.

The concert was organized by the Museum Family Home of the Holy Father John Paul II in Wadowice in Wadowice as part of the final celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the election of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla to the Chair of Peter.