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History of theater – history of friendship. Karol Wojtyla and Rhapsody Theater in Halina Kwiatkowska’s memoirs


77 years ago, in 22 of August 1941, at Komorowskiego 7 street in Cracow, an exceptional meeting took place. Mieczysław Kotlarczyk together with a group of friends created the theoretical and ideological foundations of the conspiratorial Rhapsody Theater. Rhapsody Theater took its name from the rhapsodies of the King – Ghost, which was the first show played by the band on 1 of November 1941. Among the people creating the Theater was Karol Wojtyla, who known Mieczysław Kotlarczyk from Wadowice. Actresses core, apart from Kotlarczyk and Wojtyla, created: Krystyna Dębowska (later Ostaszewska), Halina Królikiewicz (Kwiatkowska) and Danuta Michałowska.

The conspiratorial activity of the Rhapsody Theater was a form of resistance of thoughts and spirits to the occupier. For this reason, membership in it could lead to death penalty. The performances were held in private apartments, and only trusted people were invited to watch it. Famous and respected artists were invited as guests: Juliusz Osterwa, Jerzy Turowicz or Juliusz Kydryński.
Jak wyglądały przedstawienia wspominała aktorka Zofia Kucówna: „Będąc uczennicą chodziłam do Teatru Rapsodycznego jakby do jakiejś zaczarowanej krainy. To było coś nieprawdopodobnego, jak on działał na wyobraźnię. To był teatr, w którym było tylko słowo, muzyka, światło i gest. Nie było dekoracji, kostiumów ani rekwizytów. Aktorzy ubrani byli na czarno-biało”.
The actress Zofia Kucowna descrbies how the performance looked like: „As a student I was going to the Rhapsody Theater as if to some kind of enchanted land. It was unbelievable how it stimulated imagination. It was a theater where there was only word, music, light and gesture. There were no decorations, costumes or props. The actors were dressed in black and white. ”

Halina Kwiatkowska talks about the history of the Rhapsody Theater and the great friendship with Karol Wojtyla in a recent interview. We invite you to watch!